Bynar – Music For The Mashes

Music For The MashesWe are living in a mashed-up musical world: from the mainstream to the underground, songs are being sampled, recycled, pulled apart, remixed, mashed up. Love them or hate them, mashups, bootlegs, blends, bastard pop or whatever you want to call them are here to stay, so without further ado get ready for Music For The Mashes, aka Bynar’s take on cannibalizing other people’s music split into three volumes. To preview a track, just click on its title in the embedded player.

For a list of all of the individual mashups along with their respective artwork and complete list of used sources please follow this link. Volumes 1 & 2 are also available from Bandcamp. To receive updates on Bynar’s new mashups, please subscribe via RSS.

Credits: A big shout out goes to my friends, fellow mashup producers and DJs for their support, production tips, airplays, and feedback: Rob Dust, s0undseek3r, CjR Mix, Dylan Vasey, Dan Mei, LeeDM101, Lee Naven, DJ Colatron, Fissunix, DJ not-I, DJ Useo, G3RSt, G4Gorilla, Phil Retro Spector, Reborn Identity, ThE hOmOgEnIc ChAoS, ToToM, BorisB, Paul Stix, Simon Iddol, Frail Limb Purity, RockstarBruski, DJ Bahler, the guys at MashStix, GYBO, and Blacklabeled.

Disclaimer: All mashups are created for entertainment purposes and as a demonstration of mixing and production techniques only. I do not make any money from this and I believe that the end product is sufficiently different from the source material so as not to cause the original artists any financial hardship. However, the copyrights for the individual tracks used belong to the original artists and the recording companies that represent them. If anyone considers that their copyright has been inadvertently infringed, please send an e-mail to info[at]