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Bynar - Mash-up Artist, Music Editor and Reviewer, DJ, Radio Producer, Graphic and Web Designer Hailing from the small island of Syros, Bynar is a mash-up artist currently residing in London, UK. His longstanding involvement in the music industry spans a variety of roles which include music editor and reviewer for Greek music magazine Pop+Rock, graphic and web designer for indie bands and club nights, long-time resident DJ at Thessaloniki’s infamous Berlin Bar, as well as radio producer at Strangeways Radio, Waveradio, Mindradio, and FIT radio. His passion for indie rock, electronica and all things doom and gloom has been well documented in his numerous radio shows, mash-ups, and Indie Disco podcasts that combine effervescent dance beats and shoegaze harmonies with new wave hooks, industrial drones, and post-punk aesthetics.

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