Indie Disco #67 (Mashups)

Indie Disco #067Indie Disco is a two-hour long podcast filled with effervescent dance beats, shoegaze harmonies, new wave hooks, and post-punk aesthetics. It is provided with the intent of helping you discover new and under-the-radar independent artists that don’t have a large amount of mainstream exposure, so if you like what you hear please support these artists and buy their music. This instalment features 29 mashups of Bloc Party, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers, and lots of other exciting bands.

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  1. Copycat – A Smalltown Monday Solution (Superbass vs. New Order vs. Bronski Beat)
  2. Tiga – Sunglasses At Blue Monday Night (Tiga & Zyntherious vs. New Order)
  3. DJ Shy Boy – You Spin Me Upside Down (Diana Ross vs. Dead Or Alive)
  4. Lionel Vinyl – Keine Beats Danke (The Chemical Brothers vs. Jeans Team & Adina Howard)
  5. Unknown – Class A Drugs (The Prodigy vs. Babamania)
  6. Divide & Kreate – Until It Talks (Metallica vs. Coldplay)
  7. Trentemøller – Tainted Copenhagen (Trentemøller vs. Soft Cell)
  8. Divide & Kreate – Phantom Part III (The Clash vs. Justice)
  9. ElectroSound – Sweet Motorcycle Dreams (Eurythmics vs. Basement Jaxx vs. Alex Gopher)
  10. Xikaiu – Enjoy The Silence (Wrecked Machines Remix Xikaiu Edit) (Depeche Mode vs. Underworld)
  11. DJ Zebra – Hey Villain Boy (Franz Ferdinand vs. The Chemical Brothers)
  12. The Illuminoids – Heart Shaped Titties (Nirvana vs. White Trash Kids On Crank vs. The Trucks)
  13. Mixomatosis – Girls In Paris (Duran Duran vs. Mylo)
  14. Instamatic – Neon Sex People (Depeche Mode vs. Neon Neon vs. Latour)
  15. Aggro1 – Metallica vs. Junkie XL
  16. Bynar – Flesh Of The Problematique (The Hacker vs. Muse vs. The Glove)
  17. DJ Lobsterdust – I Wanna Be Your Alala (Iggy Pop vs. CSS)
  18. DJ Sunderland – That’s Not My Flux (Bloc Party vs. The Ting Tings)
  19. Tim G – Cure Killers (The Cure vs. The Killers)
  20. Tim G – Bloc Of Nails (Bloc Party vs. Nine Inch Nails)
  21. DJ Schmolli – Sabotaging The Kooks (The Kooks vs. The Beastie Boys)
  22. G3RSt – Take Off The Beginning (Nine Inch Nails vs. The Donnas)
  23. Tim G – Aloud In Molly’s Chambers (Girls Aloud vs. Kings Of Leon)
  24. Divide & Kreate – I Told You To Beat It (Michael Jackson vs. The Hives)
  25. DJ Lobsterdust – Epic Black Rock (Faith No More vs. Queen vs. AC/DC)
  26. DJ Zebra – Icky Thump With Whole Lotta Love (The White Stripes vs. Led Zeppelin)
  27. G3RSt – Gold Lion Of Broken Dreams (Green Day vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
  28. DJ Matt Hite – You Get Around (A Bad Name) (Bon Jovi vs. Dragonette)
  29. ToToM – A Guitar And Lillian (Depeche Mode vs. M83)

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    thanx for the inclusion!cheers,schmolli

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